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D'Addario Strings

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"Ed is a world-class writer with the knowledge and gear chops we can trust to explain and instruct on the most complex or simplest of matters. His background and reputation were exactly what we needed to boost the credibility of our instructional articles."

Trish Johnson-Frazzetto
PR and Promotions Manager, D'Addario and Company, Inc.

"Ed Friedland's reputation and experience as a veteran bassist, teacher and product reviewer for some of the major bass publications, qualified him as the perfect choice to provide us with the sound samples we needed for our web site. Ed's work speaks of professionalism and quality. We're glad to have the association we do with him and enthusiastically recommend his services."

Joe Zon
Zon Guitars

"When we started development of our flatwound strings, the one authoritative figure whose opinion would either encourage or discourage us was Ed Friedland's. Fortunately, Ed liked the first test samples we produced, so we went ahead with the first run. Ed's comments were critical and helpful. And since then, lots of players have agreed... Ed knows his craft."

Mark Dronge
DR Handmade Strings

"Over the years, I have crossed paths with Ed many times within this industry and have found him to be an articulate, genuine, well-connected player within the bass world. His talents as a player are phenomenal, but Ed's extensive experience in the publishing world provides a platform for his other abilities. He bridges the gap between player and writer in an easy, flowing manner."

Jeff Genzler

"Ed's experience as a bassist and the respect that he has earned within the bass playing community makes him the perfect person to test and review bass products. We always took his reviews very seriously - using his comments as if he were a beta tester for us. His constructive, never mean-spirited, reviews were always the acid test for our new products."

Dale Titus
Dana B. GoodsWarwick USA

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Zon Sonus

Zon Sonus RTK5-String


"When I sample an artist signature model, I like to do some tracks that are in the style of the guy whose name is on the bass. In this case, that meant copping some Ozzy and Metallica licks. But the first cut is one of my licks, when demoing a rock and roll axe, I think 'go for the throat' is a good first move. Then I threw in some fat blues, slap, and a little bebop to show off the versatile nature of the instrument."


Godlyke Deity 10 string

Audio Sample

"When I think of double-coursed basses I think of Axis Bold As Love. First, I laid down a driving rock riff, then I grabbed a few Hendrix licks to give listeners the right context for this axe. Then, a little Pearl Jam for the kids. To round out the samples, I tried the improbable - slap on a 10 string? Why not! Donna Lee on a 10 string? You bet! Some country tic-tac? Boy howdy, yeah, I tell you what."

Warwick Buzzard Bass

Warwick Buzzard Bass

Audio Sample

"This bass came in as a review just in time for a Bass Guitar cover story on John Entwhistle, so I HAD to cop some classic Ox licks for the samples! But as I played it more, I discovered that this bass had a lot more going on. Check out the killer slap sound, and the fat blues tone. Looks can be deceiving, the Ox swung a mighty versatile axe."


Lakland Hollowbody Bass with Dark Star Pickups

audio sample

"Since there were so many tonal options available between the two pickups and the dark switch, I decided to play the same lick over and over with the different settings. My typical method with this is: neck pickup, both, then bridge pickup, switching between active and passive mode when applicable. In this case I switched between normal or 'dark switch' mode. It was very effective for hearing the subtle nuances of each configuration - but then I had to have some fun! I double-tracked some jazz with the front pickup used for the walking line, and the bridge pickup for the solo. Since the Dark Star pickups nailed the Jack Cassidy vibe, I used the Line 6 Pod Pro to dial up a tone similar to 'Crown Of Creation'."