The Bass Whisperer


Bass Whisperer Tone Test:

Carvin SB5000 5 string

This is Carvin's newest bass model, designed in collaboration with R&B Funk Master Sekou Bunch. It's their take on the classic Jazz bass tone, but with a fresh new look. The review bass has a Swamp Ash body with flamed maple top, birdseye maple fingerboard, J99A single coil pickups, and Carvin's 2-band active eq circuit.

Sound Samples

Here are a few quick sound samples of the bass slap and fingerstyle, in both active and passive mode. I'm in the middle of reviewing this bass for Guitar World, but I'm so stoked about the tone, I had to get something online right away, this bass is a killer!

They were recorded into ProTools direct using a passive Radial Engineering ProDI with Analysis Plus Bass Oval cable. No additional eq was used, and only minimal compression.


Slap on the SB5000, both pickups, active mode.


Slap on the SB5000, both pickups, passive mode.


Fingerstyle both pickups, active mode.


Fingerstyle on the SB5000 in passive mode.